One4All: Private sector, civil society, start-up initiative to fight COVID-19



Mon, 29 Jun 2020 - 10:45 GMT


Mon, 29 Jun 2020 - 10:45 GMT

One4all initiative logo

One4all initiative logo

CAIRO – 29 June 2020: Amid the spread of Covid-19 and the lack of information and medical and phycological support, an initiative called One4all was launched last March to provide help for Egyptians and Arabs.

One4All is a multi-stakeholder nation-wide private sector initiative that was started to help support Arab nations win the fight against the novel coronavirus.

One4all board and partner include Nancy Abdelhadi, CEO of IBIS, an Egyptian business development consulting firm, Dr. Mohamed El Shami, co-founder of Shezlong, the MENA Region's first online psychotherpy platform, Dr. Amr Bakr, CEO of 7Keeema Nursing Homecare, a healthcare start-up, Hesham El Feshawy, Co-Founder & CEO of Medihealth Global Innovation which owns At Home Doc, a Home Healthcare Startup.

The co-founders decided to launch this initiative after seeing how serious the situation has been and after following the government’s successful measures to stop the spread of the virus and to assist the government in their very challenging mission. They reached out to and invited different private sector partners to join the initiative and called it One4All since “we are all in this together.”

According to One4all co-Founder Nancy Abdelhadi, the initiative partners are from the private sector and civil society “because we believe in the importance of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) and in the obligation of the private sector to support the government and especially in such dire circumstances.”

She added that many of the partners are healthcare start-ups like 7Keema, Pashakeem, Shezlong, IBIS, community & civil society partners like Egyptian athletes, artists, musicians, concerned citizens who want to contribute, healthcare professionals in Egypt and abroad.

This is the great thing about this initiative, she said, that it has many private sector and civil society partners and includes Egyptian expats and non-Egyptians who love Egypt and wish to contribute. More and more partners are joining each day.
This initiative began on March 14, 2020 with three different main objects, according to Abdelhadi.

“One4All objectives are based on 3 tracks, track (1) is for the general public to support the government in the public awareness campaign by promoting their campaign messages and by providing a wealth of resources from only legitimate sources like the WHO, MOH or CDC and that information is shared through the social media platforms of One4All initiative and its partners websites.

The other track has to do with the healthcare providers and through this initiative we hope to be able to support our healthcare super heroes in a number of ways. One way is to provide them with messages of support and appreciation on our initiative social media platforms and also to provide virtual training through video conferencing technology by specially trained healthcare professionals in coordination with the MoH or the WHO.

“We provide information ONLY from official sources like the World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health (MOH), and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) on the initiative’s & partner’s websites and social media platforms,” Abdelhadi said.

She added that they provide free virtual screening through the partners’ apps or websites to help prevent people from going to the hospital if they do not need to, along with providing many free resources on One4All’s Facebook page.

“Since we believe in the importance of boosting one’s immunity and promoting a healthy lifestyle some of our partners are offering FREE nutrition advice and healthy recipes from a trained and certified nutritionist and also FREE exercise classes either live or through videos posted on One4All’s page.” Abdelhadi said.













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