Nile Sash bestowed upon military production minister as per presidential decree


Fri, 26 Jun 2020 - 05:28 GMT

FILE - Mohamed Al-Assar

FILE - Mohamed Al-Assar

CAIRO – 26 June 2020: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi issued a presidential degree to bestow the Nile Sash on Minister of Military Production Major General Mohamed Al-Assar and promote him to honorary lieutenant general.

The Nile Sash ranks third after the Order of the Nile and the Order of the Republic. It is granted to those who serve as deputy prime minister or ministers who have served for a long time and performed distinguished services.

Assar, 74, took part in the War of Attrition between Egypt and Israel in 1968-1970 and then October War against Israel in Sinai in 1973, as part of the engineering body to repair air defense rockets.

He served in multiple leadership position, including president of the Armed Forces Arming Authority, assistant defense minister for armament affairs and advisor to the defense minister for technical research and foreign affairs.

After the January 25 revolution, Assar became a member of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces headed by the defense minister. He was also present at a conference on July 3, 2013 held by incumbent President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, then minister of defense, where the latter announced ousting Mohamed Morsi, then president, after millions of people protested against him.

Assar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Military Technical College and a Master’s and PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Through his professional path, Assar was also granted the Order of the Republic, second class, the Medal of Military Duty, first class, the Medal of Distinguished Service, Medal of Long Service and Good Example and the Legion of Honor, France’s highest order of merit.



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