Interior Ministry detects 171 curfew violations in 24 hours, thousands since March 25



Sun, 03 May 2020 - 09:53 GMT


Sun, 03 May 2020 - 09:53 GMT

FILE - Egyptian police patrolling streets during curfew imposed as a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19 - Egypt Today

FILE - Egyptian police patrolling streets during curfew imposed as a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19 - Egypt Today

CAIRO – 3 May 2020: The Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday the detection of 171 violations of the partial curfew over the past 24 hours as 160 shops and restaurants opened, and 11 unlicensed private tutoring centers operated despite the ban.

The ministry also announced the detection of thousands of violations since the curfew started on March 25. The ministry shut off 31,396 cafes, 11,119 unlicensed private tutoring centers, and 11,744 stores. That is in addition to breaking 37,500 cases of selling subsidized staples in black market and illegal goods stocking.

The curfew hours extend between 9p.m. and 6a.m. while stores and shopping malls have to close at 5p.m. Restaurants and cafes can only offer take away and delivery services 24/7.

The Ministry of Interior issued a press statement on April 25 clarifying the achievements of each department in breaking cases, and detecting violations without indicating a time frame.

The Economic Security Department broke 7,986 cases, including 73 cases of illegal stocking of a total of 15,588 butane gas cylinders, and 19 cases of illegal stocking of petroleum materials with a total of 108,190 liters with the aim of selling them in black market. It's worthy to mention that the state subsidizes butane gas cylinders by LE2.1 million in FY2019/2020.

The department also broke 7,894 cases of selling expired food and illegal trade of subsidized staples. The size of the confiscated goods is 762,638 tons.

The Electricity Police detected 58,335 theft cases collecting fines worth LE30.7 million. The Transportation Police broke 1,197 cases of theft, illegal acquisition of arms and ammunition, white weapons, begging, drug acquisition, pedestrian vending, communications and post crimes.

The ministry broke 1,079 financial cases, including 175 income tax evasion, 56 value-added tax evasion, 27 tariff evasion, 286 real estate tax evasion, 13 illegal transactions, illicit gains, scams and money laundering. That is in addition to removing six encroachments on state-owned lands, executing 379 court rulings, and 131 investigations.

The Police of Waterbodies broke 747 cases of illegal fishing, and unlicensed boats and yachts possession, 760 pollution cases of the environment and the Nile River, 159 cases of backfilling of irrigation and wastewater channels, and 134 cases of agricultural land violations.

The security of seaports foiled attempts to smuggle goods and cosmetics into the country filing four lawsuits, and broke 67 various cases such as scams, traffic felonies, and illegal entry into the customs zones.

In one week, the police filed 515 lawsuits against defendants, who illegally excavated antiquities, and travel agencies that committed violations.



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