Cairo Metro suspends all 3 lines during Sham al Nessem day



Mon, 20 Apr 2020 - 09:23 GMT


Mon, 20 Apr 2020 - 09:23 GMT

1st line of Cairo metro- Egypt Today/ Hussein Tallal

1st line of Cairo metro- Egypt Today/ Hussein Tallal

CAIRO – 20 April 2020: Egypt’s Cairo Metro announced that all three lines will be suspended, Monday in accordance with the Cabinet decisions for Sham al Nessem holiday.

On Thursday, Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli announced during a press conference the complete closure of public gardens and beaches on Monday, which markes Sham el-Nessim holiday.

He added that all public transportation will be suspended during the day, including Cairo Metro and National Railways.

“We understand the Egyptians desire to celebrate the holiday; however, these decisions come for the favor of Egyptians amid fears of Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.” Madbouli said.

He added that the government aims to reduce social gatherings as possible which will eliminate the spread of Covid 19.

Madbouli explained that “the government has been discussing these Easter decisions during the past three days, in order to maintain the currant situation and not to witness any deterioration during the coming days.”

“However, we were worried after seeing that Egyptians were gathering in the streets during the past days” Madbouli added, explaining the need of announcing Easter’s complete closure decisions.

He said, “Therefore, we preferred to take more firm measures, including expanding the complete closure on cafes and shopping malls until Monday. Additionally, we will close all gardens, beaches and any places that might witness social gatherings. We also decided to suspend all public transportation.”

Madbouli wished all Egyptians happy holidays, and urged them to avoid gatherings in order to stay safe.

The government decided to fine the violators of Sham el Nessim and Easter holiday’s precautionary measures with LE 4,000.

Sham El-Nessim is an old spring festival celebrated by the Egyptians since 2,700 BC (the third dynasty of the Old Kingdom). This festival doesn’t have any religious background. Sham El-Nessim is usually a national holiday that comes after Easter, marking the beginning of spring.



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