Former MP, 12 members of Hope Cell put on Egypt's terror lists for 5 years


Sat, 18 Apr 2020 - 12:44 GMT

FILE - The Cairo Criminal Court

FILE - The Cairo Criminal Court

CAIRO – 18 April 2020: The Fifth Terrorism Judicial District put on Saturday former Parliamentarian Ziad al-Eleimy and 12 members of Al Amal (Hope) cell on terror lists for five years.

The Criminal Court's decision is in fulfillment of Egypt's commitment to the United Nations Charter, relevant UN Security Council resolutions, and Article 237 of the Egyptian constitution on combating terrorism and tracking its funding sources while preserving rights and liberties.

The decision provided that fugitive leaders of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, including Mahmoud Fathy Badr, Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Hadry, Ali al-Sayed Ahmed Batikh, held meetings where they set a plan to secure financial support to their hostile plot against members of the Egyptian Armed Forces, and Egyptian Police with the aim of subverting the Egyptian state.

The defendants are also charged of assigning elements that belong to the brotherhood, and other rioting elements of using the profits of businesses affiliated to the brotherhood, remittances of fugitive leaders, and donations of resident members to provide logistical support, embodied in arms and explosives, to elements that will execute the hostile scheme against Egypt's state.

The elements receiving orders in Egypt from fugitive leaders include defendants who are prosecuted in custody in certain lawsuits such as Mohamed Abdel Rahman Morsy, Ramy Nabil Shaat, Mohamed Abou Horira, Khaled Ahmed Abou Shady, Zeyad Abdel Hamid al-Elaimy.

The State Security Prosecution's arraignment in case no. 930/2019 charges the defendants of assisting an outlawed group to undermine the constitution, laws, state institutions, and public authorities, and propagate false news, information, and statements about political and economic circumstances in the country in order to jeopardize public peace, and shake trust in state institutions.



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