Egyptian army receives 3rd German Type 209 attack submarine



Thu, 09 Apr 2020 - 02:17 GMT


Thu, 09 Apr 2020 - 02:17 GMT

FILE – Photo of the Type 209 submarine – Courtesy of the Egyptian military spokesman

FILE – Photo of the Type 209 submarine – Courtesy of the Egyptian military spokesman

CAIRO – 9 April 2020: “The Egyptian naval forces receive today morning the third new Egyptian Type 209 submarine No. S43, in Germany’s Keil,” the Egyptian military spokesman said on Thursday, but did not confirm that the delivery took place.

This diesel-electric attack submarine is the third of four submarines which are part of a contact between Egypt and Germany in 2014. The Type 209 submarine was built by German shipbuilding company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft, located in Kiel.

“It is considered the latest category in the world of this model,” Spokesman Tamer al-Refae said, noting that “the rehabilitation of the technical and specialized crew working on the submarine was completed in a record time, in accordance with a simultaneous program in both Egypt and Germany.”

Type 209-class submarines are one of the most powerful types of attack submarines worldwide and are able to sail for up to 11,000 miles. They provide systems that control the launch of torpedoes.

This type of attack submarines includes a developed navigation and communication systems and owns a large package of technical devices and defensive measures.

Its length is about 62 meters. It is capable of diving to depths of up to 500 meters. It can fire anti-ship harpoon missiles and place naval mines.

Also, it compiles noise reduction practives, firepower as well as cost effectiveness, according to Navy Recognition.

Egypt raised its flag on the Type 209 submarine in May 2019. It was received by Commander of Naval Forces Ahmed Khaled.

During an official ceremony held at port of Kiel, the commander announced the new submarine would join Egyptian naval forces and named it "S43".

The new submarine represents a breakthrough in technological combat abilities that aims at strengthening the capability of Armed Forces in defending national security, as well as protecting borders and interests in both the Red and Mediterranean seas, Egyptian state’s news agency MENA reported.

Egypt received its first Type 209 late in 2016.



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