Egypt's development partners acknowledge New Global Partnerships Narrative, cooperation strategy



Mon, 06 Apr 2020 - 10:56 GMT


Mon, 06 Apr 2020 - 10:56 GMT

Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat

Minister of International Cooperation Rania al-Mashat

CAIRO - 6 April 2020: Heads of multilateral development organizations and ambassadors of bilateral partners acknowledged the new global partnership narrative which was unveiled by the Ministry of International Cooperation to ensure that SDGs objectives are not overlooked as countries continue focusing on combating the virus.

They also acknowledge the Government of Egypt's efforts to mitigate the negative consequences of the novel corona virus.

The acknowledgments were delivered during the video conference they attended last week with H.E. the Minister of International Cooperation.

Minister Rania Al-Mashat underscored that the Government of Egypt has been working to protect the population from the virus, provide easier access to credit to help households smooth consumption and liquidity for firms to survive the disruption, and push progress by expediting structural reforms through and beyond COVID-19".

Al-Mashat added, Through our New Global Partnerships Framework and communication framework, the Ministry of International Cooperation aims to ensure that COVID-19 does not derail us from pushing forward with the SDG agenda. It is an innovative means to transparently showcase projects with purpose and their impact on people to boost inclusive growth as a means to promote SDGs and bolster credibility.

Al-Mashat recognized the work that has been done through the past decade between Egypt and its International multilateral and bilateral development partners and praised the value of the international cooperation in supporting the Egyptian economy. She highlighted that the vision of the ministry is to support the development cooperation through multilateral and bilateral partnerships as well as with private sector and civil society to achieve the objectives of the national development agenda Egypt 2030 in line with the UN SDGs.
Richard Dictus, UN Resident Coordinator in Egypt said, The extremely constructive and forward-looking presentation by minister Al-Mashat confirms the partnership between the Ministry of International Cooperation and International Development Partners, especially at the time of this global pandemic. He added, The United Nations reaffirms its strong commitment to and partnership with the Government of Egypt in its efforts.
On the other hand, Randa Aboul-Hosn, UNDP Resident Representative in Egypt added that, The Ministry presented a coherent and innovative mapping and alignment of development cooperation in Egypt to the Sustainable Development Goals. The triple P is now an important narrative we can all follow.

In the meantime, Marina Wes, Country Director, Egypt, Yemen and Djibouti, Middle East and North Africa, said As we are concluding an inspiring and constructive session, I would like to thank H.E. Dr. Rania Al-Mashat  for bringing together the Development Partners and showing vision and leadership in critical times. In collaboration with the international development agencies, the World Bank stands ready to support Egypt in its effort to confront the immediate health emergency and mitigate the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the most vulnerable.
Walid Labadi, IFC Country Manager in Egypt, Libya and Yemen, added, This is a challenging time for the private sector in Egypt, the main driver of economic growth and employment. Lives, businesses, jobs, and livelihoods are at risk, and IFC is working closely with clients and partners in Egypt to help mitigate the already evident impacts of COVID-19 crisis and support businesses as they continue to operate and retain staff.

AfDB welcomes outreach by the Ministry of International Cooperation, Egypt continues to show its resilience in the face of global adversity with the Government taking rapid and solid actions said Malinne Blomberg, Country Manager at African Development Bank Group in Egypt. Now more than ever, leadership is about communication and coordination of partners, and the outreach by the Minister of International Cooperation to the Development Partners is an essential step that helps the AfDB maximise our contribution to Egypts needs, both immediately and longer term. The African Development Bank has just issued a $3 billion social bond to support Coronavirus responses in its member countries, including Egypt.
The EBRD is working urgently across Egypt to deliver our €1 billion global solidarity package to companies and banks that are suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. We already working with existing clients across Egypt to understand their needs and support them with working capital, trade finance as well as taking an enabling view to re-scheduling if existing loans. Said Dr. Heike Harmgart, Managing Director Southern and Eastern Mediterranean in EBRD.
Alfredo Abad, Head of Cairo Office, EIB praised the new strategy of the ministry confirming the support of the bank to the strategy and the readiness of the bank to assist Egypt in combating the spread of corona virus.
US has been working with Egypt for more than 40 years; not only on the health sector but also on youth and women empowerment; education said Sherry Carlin, The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director in Egypt. USAID commitment to continue to support Egypt, especially on this urgent matter; COVID-19 and to continue to build on our 40 years partnership.
Partnerships are at the core of ITFCs strategy to promote greater socio-economic equality, inclusivity and prosperity in OIC member countries. At this moment in time, the COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to an extraordinary situation that calls for global partnerships at the highest level to ensure that the UN SDGs are upheld said hani salem sonbal, ITFC Chief Executive Officer. ITFC is committed to supporting the Government of Egypt in its efforts to meet its SDGs. In 2019, ITFC through provided around US$ 1.1 billion to support the countrys energy and food security. This is in addition to programs and capacity building initiatives to enhance the inclusion of women and empowering youth, we are keen to enhance development cooperation with the Egyptian government in light of the new Governments strategy to develop outreach with international institutions.
Dina Saleh, Director of the sub-regional office of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) of the United Nations in Egypt and the Middle East region, praised the new strategy of the Ministry of International Cooperation, noting that the Ministry of International Cooperation plays a pivotal and important role in bringing together all development partners and is considered an excellent convenor of donors and have been active to convene all the partners working in IFAD projects to quickly prioritise the needs in the Agriculture sector to protect Smallholder producers from the potential disruptions to food security from the COVID-19.stressing that the International Fund for Agricultural Development is ready to provide all support to the  Egyptian to ensure reducing the negative impact of the Corona virus on the agricultural sector.
H.E.Ambassador. Masaki Noki, Japan Ambassador to Cairo mentioned that the Japanese Government supported Egyptian people in many development projects in Education, Culture, Tourism and Antiquities. One of which most important is the Grand Egyptian Museum. The Ambassador acknowledged the new communication strategy of the Ministry which focuses on informing people of development projects and its relation to SDGs.
H.E.Ambassador Yon Yo Chol, Ambassador of South Korea to Egypt noted that his country is working in development with Egypt since long time. The Korean government financed many projects namely; the Korean Egyptian Technology University, as well as other infrastructure projects like modernizing railway signals for Nagaa Hamadi Luxor line. The ambassador added that Korea is considering other financing for desalination and solid waste management. He also mentioned that Korea is ready to support Egypt in combating the spread of the virus acknowledging the measures that the Egyptian government took in this regard.
Corinne Henchoz head of Swiss Economic Cooperation acknowledged the new strategy and narrative and also she acknowledged the initiatives taken by the Egyptian Government to mitigate the impact of the virus confirming that Switzerland is ready to help Egypt in combating the virus.



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