Egyptian pregnant woman recovered from COVID-19 gives birth to boy



Sun, 05 Apr 2020 - 06:02 GMT


Sun, 05 Apr 2020 - 06:02 GMT

The baby is carried by the operation staff member- Press photo

The baby is carried by the operation staff member- Press photo

CAIRO 5 April 2020: An Egyptian pregnant woman, who recently recovered from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), gave birth to a boy on Sunday morning in Egypt’s Red Sea.

The boy, Adam, was born by a caesarean section. “He and his 35-year-old mother are in good condition," said Dr. Reda al-Najjar, the head of the medical staff, who conducted the operation.

During the delivery, the medical team wore yellow isolation suits, in accordance with the instructions of the World Health Organization, he added.

The mother was admitted to Hurghada Hospital after she tested positive for the virus. She was quarantined for nine days.

Two days ago, Masrawy newspaper reported that a 30-year-old pregnant woman infected with the coronavirus recovered from the disease at Esna Specialized Hospital.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health reported Saturday 85 positive cases of coronavirus and five new deaths; all of them are Egyptians who contracted the virus from previous cases.

As yet, The number of those who tested positive for the virus exceeded 1000 to be 1070, including 241 recovered and 71 deaths.

Since mid-March, the Egyptian government has taken gradual steps in dealing with the coronavirus spread, starting with suspending schools and universities. It also suspended the international flights until mid-April.

Furthermore, a partial two-week curfew was imposed on March 24, 2020, while all restaurants, cafes, cafeterias, casinos, night clubs, bars, shopping centers (malls), and other local shops shut down completely until April 14, 2020.



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