Awqaf Ministry in full control of all mosques: minister


Tue, 20 Jun 2017 - 12:11 GMT

Mohammad Mokhtar Gomaa - File photo

Mohammad Mokhtar Gomaa - File photo

CAIRO - 20 June 2017: Awqaf Minister Mohammad Mokhtar Gomaa said the ministry is in full control of all mosques to firmly stand against any attempts for using them for any political or partisan purposes.

Interviewed by MENA Chairman and Editor-In-Chief Ali Hassan, the minister said the ministry will announce in early July the areas of lands which have been restored by the government after removing all encroachments on them to be used for future development projects.

The minister praised the role played by MENA, the mouthpiece of the state, in covering all important events taking place in Egypt including the activities of Azhar, Awqaf or Darul Iftaa.

Gomaa greeted MENA chairman over assuming his new post and wished him good luck in activating the media role played by the agency, underlining the importance of honesty and cooperation in serving in the state foundations for the best interest of Egypt.
The minister also highlighted the efforts exerted to nominate new preachers who would present good examples for carrying out their missions all over the country.

He also asserted that the Ministry is coordinating efforts with other ministries and religious foundations in order to renew the religious discourse and present the good conceptions of Islam away from the extremist thought that has spread by terrorists and defamed Islam.

The Awqaf Ministry is not working separately, but coordination is underway with Azhar under Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed el Tayyeb as well as the Egyptian Church under Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria along with Iftaa House to present new approach of the religious discourse to the people, added the minister.

The Ministry is also organizing forums on the religious values and citizenship to present moderate religious teachings to students all over the country and protect them from extremism, the minister noted, highlighting the importance of the cultural symposiums organized by the universities to clarify any misconceptions about Islam



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