Arabian horses in Egypt- CC via Wikimedia Arabian horses in Egypt- CC via Wikimedia

For 1st, Oman to open its market to Egyptian horse

Tue, Feb. 25, 2020
CAIRO - 25 February 2020: The Ministry of Agriculture will discuss with an Omani delegation on March 1 opening Omani markets to exports of Egyptian horses for the first time.

The General Authority for Veterinary Services is preparing a new batch of purebred equestrian horses to be exported to the European Union in the coming days, in accordance with the necessary requirements and standards.

The General Authority for Veterinary Services applies the procedures regulating the horse export process from Egypt in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 888 of 2016, which includes examining the horses intended for export and performing the required practical checks.

"In January 2019, Egypt resumed exporting Arabian horses to Kuwait, after getting an approval from the Gulf state," stated Mona Mehrez, deputy minister of agriculture.

“A number of Kuwaiti experts came to Egypt to inquire about the importing procedures, the [conditions of] the Veterinary Quarantine,and obtaining the necessary medical permissions,” Mehrez said.

A total of 72 of Arabian horses have been already sent [from Egypt] to the EU member states since the European ban was lifted in 2017, according to Mehrez.“Nine other horses will be sent after after being checked in the Armed Forces’ quarantine,” Mehrez added.

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