Egyptian Shiite activist Ahmed Rasem al-Nafis - Youtube screenshot Egyptian Shiite activist Ahmed Rasem al-Nafis - Youtube screenshot

Court rules all Shiite media outlets be closed

Sun, Feb. 23, 2020
CAIRO - 23 February 2020: An Egyptian court ruled on Sunday that all Shiite websites and T.V. channels in Egypt be closed.

The Court of Administrative Judiciary specified website, which belongs to Egyptian Shiite activist Ahmed Rasem al-Nafis. He is a doctor and a professor born into a Sunni family, but converted to Shiism as an adult.

The number of Shiites in Egypt is unknown, but it is generally accepted that they are a small minority. However, Egyptian Muslims in general are known to show deep respect to the family of Prophet Mohamed, but without placing them in a holy or divine level, unlike many Shiites.

It is a security and public concern that attempts to spread Shiism in Egypt gain a foothold, as that may allow foreign interference in the country.

The case was filed by lawyer Samir Sabry, who is notorious for Hisba lawsuits. Such lawsuits are filed by someone who is not a direct party to the case, but presents himself as a citizen who defends public morality and peace.

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