‘Skull Breaker’ game - Image Credit: Twitter ‘Skull Breaker’ game - Image Credit: Twitter

Al-Azhar prohibits ‘Skull Breaker’ game

Wed, Feb. 19, 2020
CAIRO - 19 February 2020: A new killer game ''Skull Breaker challenge'' has recently spread on TikTok which caused Al-Azhar Observatory to issue a statement on Tuesday prohibiting the participation in this game due to its aggressive nature; the game can lead to death and paralysis.

The challenge started as a joke between two school students in Spain, but soon turned into a TikTok trend. The game requires threepeople to stand side by side and two of them kick the third person while he/she is jumping.

The video clips that featuredthe injuries caused by this challenge spread, showing that it leads to severe head and back injuries thatmay develop to paralysis,according to international medical and press.

In 2018, another challenge spread across the social media known as the Kiki Challenge, which required dancing outside the car. This challenge also caused deaths.

The Egyptianauthorities banned it according to the traffic law. Several officials inside the Interior Ministry demanded sanctions be imposed on the two artists Dina al-Sherbiny and YasmeenRaes, who postedtheir videos while performing the dance on their Facebook accounts.

According to an Egyptian traffic police expert, performing “In My Feelings” in Egypt was found illegal in accordance with the traffic law and those who conducted the challenge shall befined LE 100-300.

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