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Egypt halts signing Chinese garlic deals because of coronavirus

Sun, Feb. 2, 2020
CAIRO - 2 February 2020: A number of Egyptian importers suspended signing deals to import Chinese garlic because of coronavirus; however, the quantities contracted upon previously are being received.

In a similar context, the General Organization For Export and Import Control is coordinating with other entities to take precautionary measures regarding goods entering the country at the current period.

Head of Vegetables and Fruits Unit at the Chamber of Commerce Hatem Naguib affirmed that Chinese garlic circulating in the Egyptian market is safe as it had entered the country before the rise of the virus, and was subject to screening by the General Organization For Export and Import Control.

China is the world’s largest garlic producer with 21.2 million tons composing 40.1 percent of global production, while Egypt produces 280,000 tons making up 1.1 percent of global production.

Mostafa al-Nagary, an importer, said that Chinese exporters themselves are delaying signing contracts with all countries until the situation is clearer.
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