Video: Father shields daughter from being run over by train


Mon, 27 Jan 2020 - 04:06 GMT

Train – Archive

Train – Archive

CAIRO - 27 January 2020: A video went viral on social media showing a father throwing himself over his daughter who fell on train tracks to protect her, a few seconds before the arrival of the train.

In Ismailia train station, a young girl fell on train tracks on Monday morning; off the top of his head, her father jumped a few seconds before the arrival of the train, embracing her to make his body a shield until the train moved.

The father and his little girl survived and none of them was injured, according to the publisher of the video and one of the eyewitnesses on his Twitter account on Monday.

The video has got more than 9,000 retweets and 32,000 likes so far. Social media users praised the father’s bravery, saying that this daughter was blessed to have such a father.

Some users on Twitter account called for putting barriers at the edge of the train pavement to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

Meanwhile, others talked about the paternal affection and how fathers would sacrifice themselves for their beloved children.



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