Flu- CC via Pixabay/mohamed_hassan

Flu- CC via Pixabay/mohamed_hassan

Egypt takes healthy measures against outbreak of new coronavirus

Fri, Jan. 24, 2020
CAIRO - 24 January 2020: Egypt’s Ministry of Health declared a state of emergency in quarantines at all the state’s air, maritime and ground outlets as a protection against the outbreak of the new coronavirus, said the ministry in a statement on Wednesday.

The ministry added that all inbound and outbound travelers from and to the country are being inspected, noting that the hospitals nationwide have been notified of the necessary measures and treatment.

The positive cases of the new type of virus were reported in the Chinese city of Wuhan late December 2019. Early January, the virus transmitted to Thailand. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the outbreak of the virus after more than 40 cases were reported positive and one person died.

“Because this is a coronavirus, which usually causes respiratory illness, WHO has advice to people on how to protect themselves and those around them from getting the disease, “WHO said in a statement.

However, the organization stepped back from declaring the virus outbreak in China to be “a public health emergency of international concern,” the Guardian reported.

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