Military aircraft crashes, pilot dies during trainings: Military spox


Wed, 15 Jan 2020 - 09:51 GMT

Egyptian troops in Sinai - Army spokesperson’s official Facebook page

Egyptian troops in Sinai - Army spokesperson’s official Facebook page

CAIRO – 15 January 2020: A military aircraft crashed on Tuesday during the training of the Air Forces and its pilot was announced dead,according to military spokesperson Colonel Tamer al-Rifai.

Rifai added in his statement that the military craft crashed in one of the training locations, and that they are still figuring out the reason behind the crash.

On Jan. 10, Egypt launched Qader 2020 drills with the participation of the main branches of the General Command of the Armed Forces.

In a statement released Tuesday, it was announced that Egypt’s Second and Third Field Armies have executed several combat activities.

According to the spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, the training activities began with raising the combat readiness and inspection of the participating elements.

On Sunday, the spokesperson announced that the Northern Military Region (NMR) forces conducted a number of drills in Qader 2020 maneuver in cooperation with the Naval Forces, the Special Forces, and the Border Guards.

As part of Qader 2020, which includes land, naval and air exercises, the NMR units carried out a drill on securing the Mediterranean coast to counter hostile naval attacks in coordination with the other military branches as Mohamed Naguib Military Base in Matrouh took control of the management and operations, according to a Sunday statement. The large base was inaugurated in July 2017.



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