Ministry clarifies housing projects in Badr City



Sat, 11 Jan 2020 - 11:32 GMT


Sat, 11 Jan 2020 - 11:32 GMT

FILE - Residential building in a Sakan Misr project

FILE - Residential building in a Sakan Misr project

CAIRO - 11 January 2020: The Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Areas clarified on Saturday the status of constructions in “Sakan Misr” and social housing projects in Badr City.

Minister Assem al-Gazar announced that 1,080 residential units distributed over 45 buildings in the first and second phases of Sakan Misr project in Badr City are being finalized.

Gazar added that the flats in 24 buildings of the second phase are being delivered by contractors to the ministry. The minister elaborated that 1,272 units in 53 buildings of the first phase, and 9,024 units in 376 buildings of the second phase are still under construction.

In a similar context, Chairman of Badr City Development Agency Amar Mandour revealed that 8,424 units distributed over 351 buildings at the city’s social housing project are being constructed, and that contracts have been signed with developers to construct 32,424 units in 1,351 buildings.

The official stated that five medical centers in different areas have been finished, and that seven others along with a medical unit are still under construction. Similarly, eight schools are being built in different neighborhoods in the city, while a technical education school and a hospitality school have been inaugurated. Those are called Tahya Misr and Talaat Harb, respectively.

A police unit has been upgraded, 11 feddans have been allocated for the construction of a civil services complex, and 20 bus lines were operated internally, and to/from Giza, Salam City, and Ramses district in addition to other lines with different governorates.

The state builds residential units across the country for middle class citizens whose housing needs are mostly overlooked by private developers who seek high margins of profit by catering for the luxury market. That is being achieved through certain initiatives such as Sakan Misr and Dar Misr housing projects.

Dar Misr consists of around 35,000 residential units and will be accomplished over three phases. The second and third will house 43,000 units and 19,000 units, respectively. Those are distributed among nine new cities. The breakdown is 6,720 in 6th of October City; 8,760 in New Cairo; 816 in Obour; 1,104 in Shorouq; 1,056 in New Damietta; 912 in Sheikh Zayed; 11,2018 in New Mansoura; 480 in New Menya; and, 3,960 in New Obour. The surface areas are 100, 115, 130, 140, and 150 square meters.

The residences of Sakan Misr are located in 12 new cities. The breakdown is 547 units in Badr City; 1,210 in New Menya; 768 in Obour; 8,928 in New Cairo; 888 western Qena; 696 western Asyut; 8,736 in 6th of October City; 4,656 in New Mansoura; 2,160 in Shorouq; and 4,076 in New Damietta. The surface areas are 115 and 118 square meters.

All buildings in both projects consist of five floors in addition to the ground floor. However, Dar Misr buildings have elevators and are surrounded by a concrete fence. They are gated communities that encompass shopping malls, schools, and different services.

Sakan Misr is surrounded by a tree fence and a number of shops is allowed in some residential buildings, as reported by Masrawy.

The payment plan is that 10 percent must be paid six months after the reservation on the website and upon delivery of the unit. The remaining 60 percent will be paid as quarterly installments over four years starting three months after the receipt of the unit.



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