Cairo Uni. vets remove piles of garbage from sheep's stomach



Tue, 07 Jan 2020 - 02:31 GMT


Tue, 07 Jan 2020 - 02:31 GMT

Vets at Cairo University with the sheep after operation

Vets at Cairo University with the sheep after operation

CAIRO - 7 January 2018: Veterinarians at Cairo University operated on a female sheep for three hours to remove piles of garbage in her stomach on Monday.

The owner arrived at the clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the ewe, saying she gave her to a sheep seller for a month to mate with one of his male sheep.

The sheep after suturing the stomach.

When the woman took the ewe back, the ruminant was not eating and seemed ill.
Many sheep owners do not give their animals corn or feed, and save money by letting them feed on garbage in certain areas on streets because sheep do not distinguish what they eat, said veterinary surgeons Mohamed Bahr and Amr Hesham, who performed the long operation.

The ewe during the operation

Bahr said the ewe was indeed pregnant, but delivered only one lamb, as sheep usually give birth to a twin, and it died immediately.

Once open, foul smell of a landfill came out of the sheep's stomach, and the doctors filled a big bucket of trash that was inside. After she woke up, she was able to stand on her legs.

The garbage in the animal's stomach

Bahr added that feeding sheep garbage is very harmful to the health of humans who eat the meat of those sheep, and also affects the smell of the meat when eaten. The garbage, mostly indigestible, remains in the stomach and adds up to the weight of the mammal, creating more income of the seller, he continued.

The removal of garbage from the ewe's stomach, filling an entire bucket.



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