FILE – Egypt’s Administrative Control Authority (ACA)
FILE – Egypt’s Administrative Control Authority (ACA)

Egyptian Tax Authority chief arrested for alleged bribery

Sat, Jan. 4, 2020
CAIRO – 4 January 2019: The Administrative Control Authority on Friday ordered the arrest of Abdel Azim Hussein, chief of the Egyptian Tax Authority (ETA) for allegedly accepting bribes, state’s media reported.

The country’s top prosecutor, Hamada al-Sawi, ordered State Security Prosecution to investigate the issue, Al-Ahram reported.

It was proven that Hussein received money and gifts as a bribe through monitoring his telephone conversations and meetings, which were officially recorded.

The Public Prosecution was quoted by Al-Ahram while calling upon media to verify the accuracy of the news they report on the incident, and to adhere only to official statements.

The ACA, Egypt’s regulatory body, arrested in July 2018 the head of the country’s Customs Authority on suspicion of accepting bribes to allow the entry of banned goods into the country.

President Sisi has always asserted on applying strict measures within the government institutions to crack down on any violation. He hailed the role played by the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) on different occasions.
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