MP comments on celebratory gunfire video


Tue, 24 Dec 2019 - 03:57 GMT

FILE - Member of the House of Representatives Nossila Ismail

FILE - Member of the House of Representatives Nossila Ismail

CAIRO - 24 December 2019: Member of the House of Representatives Nossila Ismail commented on her celebratory gunfire video that appeared on social media in a phone call with journalist and TV presenter Ahmed Moussa on Monday.

“If the video belonged to a man, would such fuss be made,” Ismail questioned, admitting it is her in the video. “It was my daughter’s engagement. I have the right to celebrate and I have not caused harm to anybody,” the MP added, saying she does not regret it. Ismail stated she used a rubber shotgun that is licensed and that she had got for self-defense.

Former Assistant to the Minister of Interior Farouk al-Makrahy commented in the show, saying that arm licenses are issued for self-defense, and if such licensed arms are used for different purposes, the licenses get revoked. Makrahy pointed out that the decision to revoke a license is at the hands of the security directorate that issues it and in this case it is Sharqeya Security Directorate.

Celebratory gunfire is common in certain governorates, particularly in rural areas. Sometimes, the practice incurs deaths and injuries. The first time a celebratory gunfire stirred the public opinion was with the case of Youssef al-Araby in May 2017. When young men fired to celebrate the engagement of their friend, they killed the child in Al Hosary Square in 6th of October City by a bullet in the head. Cairo Criminal Court sentenced two convicts to three years in prison for illegal possession of arms, and two years in prison for accidental killing.



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