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210 Gameaty outlets distributing in-kind subsidies inaugurated

Sun, Dec. 22, 2019
CAIRO - 22 December 2019: The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade announced on Saturday the inauguration of 210 Gameaty outlets within the third phase of the project aimed at delivering goods to recipients of in-kind subsidies.

The third phase consists of 1,800 outlets. The ministry has been working on finalizing 680 outlets of those in Upper Egypt, where 1,454 Gameaty outlets had started work within the previous phases.

In October, the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade started to electronically link the outlets selling subsidized goods with warehouses to inhibit embezzlement and random supply.

The linkage will enable the ministry’s affiliate companies to measure the demand on each type of goods in each outlet and secure needs accordingly. Chairman of the Holding Company for Food Industries Ahmed Hassanin explained that barcodes will be installed on items to achieve those goals.

Chairman of the Egyptian Company for Wholesale Trade Mohamed Atef announced that 57 outlets in Upper Egypt had been mechanized and the process will finish within six months in other areas.

In a related context, the ministry is carrying out studies to develop the production lines of Qaha for Preserved Foods and Edfina Co. For Preserved Food. Moreover, the ministry is introducing new refrigerators in the outlets which are similar to those in supermarkets to displaymeat, poultry, vegetables, and other food products.

The ministry’s General Authority for Supply Commodities will soon invite tenders on behalf of the ministry for supplying unprocessed food oil, which gets refined in state-owned factories.
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