Pope Tawadros II says WYF reflects president’s care of youth



Thu, 12 Dec 2019 - 09:24 GMT


Thu, 12 Dec 2019 - 09:24 GMT

Pope Tawadros II leads the Christmas mass in the new Administrative Capital, January 2018 – Egypt Today

Pope Tawadros II leads the Christmas mass in the new Administrative Capital, January 2018 – Egypt Today

CAIRO – 12 December 2019: Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria said the World Youth Forum (WYF) held annually in Egypt reflects the president’s care about youth.

The third edition of the World Youth Forum is set to be held in South Sinai’s Sharm el-Sheikh from Dec. 14-17, under the auspices of the Egyptian Presidency.

In an interview with Egypt Today published on Thursday, Pope Tawadros II hailed the forum’s management of theatrical shows set to be presented starting December 13 with the opening, to bring together promising artists from all over the world to present their talents and represent their cultures through a variety of cultural and artistic activities.

He also praised the plans to host Sophia, the most advanced robot and first artificially intelligent (AI) robot to be granted a citizenship, saying that such thoughts all keep up with the times.

The World Youth Theater activities begin on Dec. 13 with a number of shows for Rola Zaki from Egypt, the Mozar team from Morocco, robot Sophia, the Horse Band from Egypt, Fatmir Mura from Albania, Kuana Adebisi from USA, and Marisa Hamamoto and Piort Iwanicki from Poland and USA. This is in addition to a theatrical performance which witnesses the participation of 16 different nationalities.

On December 15, shows of the Brass Band Sound from Egypt, Pou from New Zealand, Wazih from Cameroon, Ashra Kunwar from Nepal, and Iheb and Dana oud duo from Tunisia and Jordan will take place at the theatre.

On the same day, the Horse Band from Egypt, Kuana Adebisi from the United States of America, and Veroniq from Russia will perform.

The World Youth Theater concludes its shows on December 16 with the performances of Mazeek Band from Egypt, Maritta Hallsni from Lebanon, Ghalia Benali from Tunisia and Kateryna Olkhovyk from Ukraine.

Additional reporting by Mustafa Marie



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