New health insurance system to be introduced in Luxor, South Sinai in March


Sun, 08 Dec 2019 - 01:04 GMT

Nile cruise in Luxor, Egypt (Photo credit: Jay Galvin)

Nile cruise in Luxor, Egypt (Photo credit: Jay Galvin)

CAIRO - 8 December 2019: Preparations to introduce the Universal Health Insurance System in Luxor are underway as the pilot phase will be launched by March. Until present, 293,000 Luxor dwellers have been registered.

Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed headed to the governorate on Sunday to check on the hospitals that are being upgraded to operate within the new system. Those are New Isna Specialized Hospital, New Odaisat Hospital, Al-Bayadeya Hospital, International Luxor Hospital, Armant Hospital, Luxor Fever Hospital and Luxor General Hospital.

Nine health units and centers in Luxor will also be part of the system. Those are Qaraya, Adayma, Keman, Al Nogoa Bahary, Thomas 3, Al Hala, Zarnikh, and El Maala.

The Universal Health Insurance System will be fully introduced in all 27 governorates by 2030. The process is taking place over three phases. The first includes Port Said, Ismailiyah, Suez, Luxor, Aswan, and South Sinai. The system was introduced in Port Said in June, registering 506,000 citizens, and will be launched in Ismailiyah in January. Health insurance will be introduced in South Sinai by March as well.

In September, the pilot phase started in Ismailiyah by registering 400 families and upgrading the medical units and centers. Seven hospitals are set to be part of the system in the governorate, while the number of medical units has not yet been decided. The officials who spoke to Egypt Today on condition of anonymity in October said that 16 medical units and centers are being developed and equipped to start operation within the new system at the designated date.



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