Youths offered 8K job opportunities as meter reading persons


Sat, 30 Nov 2019 - 01:03 GMT

Electricity meters - Pixabay/Geralt

Electricity meters - Pixabay/Geralt

CAIRO - 30 November 2019: The Executive Director of Shuaa Company, which is responsible for recording the readings of electricity meters, said that it has managed, in less than two years, to provide around 8,000 job opportunities for young people with high and medium qualifications across the country.

As the company receives dozens of applications every day for recruitment, it set conditions for applicants like, that they should be fluent in reading and writing and dealing with technology and disciplined at work.

The executive director of the company pointed out that all applicants for Shuaa jobs go through tests for 10 days prior to the appointment to ensure their compliance with the rules governing the work and maintain the confidentiality of citizens' data, pointing out that Shuaa employees enjoy access to health insurance for them and their family.

In March, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy reported that the ministry will start implementing a new system aiming at eliminating false meter readings until pre-paid meters are installed in all households in few years.

False readings happen because readers in charge do not check the meters and report the average consumption. In the new system, readers will be provided with devices that only record the reading by scanning the meters.

The first reading scanned will be included in the consumer’s data so as any manipulation will be detected. False readings are expected to disappear by the end of this year due to the new system. The devices will be distributed among readers of Shuaa company in charge of meters readings in Egypt.



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