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Government to launch mobile grocery trucks project worth LE160M

Sun, Nov. 17, 2019
CAIRO - 17 November 2019: Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali al-Moselhy announced on Sunday that the value of the mobile grocery trucks project amounts to LE160 million and that a number of these trucks will be designed to sell frozen food.

Moselhy said that a strategy will be set for individuals who want to exit the project or who face financial difficulties. The minister pointed out that an agreement was sealed with the National Bank of Egypt (NBE) for individuals to start paying installments in December.

The prices of goods offered by those trucks will be LE 63 per kilo of frozen meat; LE 37 per kilo of frozen chicken; LE 21 per kilo of frozen Tilapia; LE 22 per kilo of frozen Mackerel; LE 7.7 per 400 grams of molokheya, assorted vegetables, and green beans; LE 9.25 per 400 grams of peas with carrot; LE12 per 400 grams of peas; LE 3.65 per 500 grams of pasta; LE 8 per 500 grams of lentil; LE 4.75 per 300 grams of tomato paste; LE 8.5 per a kilo of sugar; LE 9.5 per 500 grams of cheese; and LE 5 per 250 grams of cheese.

Moselhy added that the ministry has coordinated with heads of municipal authorities to designate spots for the trucks and that the target areas are villages, low-income neighborhoods, and main squares.

The goods offered by the trucks will be supplied by El Masreya Co. for Trading and Distribution. The project aims at achieving food security in Lower and Upper Egyptian governorates by offering good quality food at reasonable prices.
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