Abdel Rahim al-Mismary - Screenshot from Al-Hayah TV Abdel Rahim al-Mismary - Screenshot from Al-Hayah TV

Libyan involved in Wahat attack sentenced to death in Egypt

Sun, Nov. 17, 2019
CAIRO – 17 November 2019: Libyan terrorist Abdel Rahim al-Mismari was sentenced to death Sunday by an Egyptian court over the attacks on a Wahat Road checkpoint in October 2017.

Thirty people in the case were acquitted, and twenty other defendants received jail terms; five were sentenced to life in prison, one was given 15 years, nine were given 10 years, and five were given three years.

According to investigations, the main defendant, Mismari was trained by now-dead Egyptian terrorist leader Emal el-Din Ahmed, and partook in the Wahat attack that killed 16 from the Egyptian security forces and injured 13 others.

Mismari was also involved in the abduction of Captain Ahmed al-Hayes in the same attack. He was trained in camps in Libya on the use of heavy weaponry and manufacturing explosives, then infiltrated into Egypt to establish another camp in the desert to launch attacks on churches and vital establishments in Egypt.

He appeared in an Egyptian TV show after his detention, showing no sign of remorse over his actions.

The moment Mismary was arrested

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