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Police launches operations against 2 dangerous criminal areas

Sun, Nov. 10, 2019
CAIRO - 10 November 2019: The Ministry of Interior released on Sunday a statement indicating the operations it has launched against two very dangerous criminal areas, arresting 55 defendants.

One of those areas is Al Sehr wal Gamal lying between Sharqeya and Ismailiyah governorates, while the other is located between Damietta, Port Said, and Daqahliyah. The defendants possessed 88 firearms, including 22 machine guns, 10 birdshot shotguns, six local shotguns, seven white weapons, and 49 bullets of different types.

The police forces broke 20 drug trafficking cases, confiscating 22,650 kilograms of cannabis, 1,865 kilograms of hash, 20 grams of heroin, 100 grams of Strox, and 64 narcotic pills. The forces also enforced 5,188 court sentences and broke 1,159 other types of cases.

The operations resulted in the confiscation of 692 firearms. Those included a rifle, 65 machine guns, 135 shotguns, 63 guns, 429 local shotguns, 3,350 bullets of different types, and 1,694 white weapons. The forces also stormed into a workshop manufacturing firearms where three guns, a local shotgun, and parts were found.

In one week, the ministry enforced 408,079 court sentences across the country. Those included 1,556 crimes, 145,017 prison sentences, 205,959 fines, and 55,547 violations. The ministry targeted 20 gangs that consisted of 86 defendants who committed 88 thefts. Some 211 involved in juvenile delinquency were arrested. The ministry also recovered 13 stolen cars, and resolved 49 cases of deliberate murder, robbery, arson, and identity theft perpetuated by 87 defendants.

The traffic police recorded 255,532 violations, including 35,467 exceeding the speed limit violations, 406 driving under the influence cases, and 5,917 illegal parking violations.
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