Tourist arrested for trying to climb Giza's Great Pyramid: Ministry



Wed, 16 Oct 2019 - 06:36 GMT


Wed, 16 Oct 2019 - 06:36 GMT

The Great Pyramid of Giza - Flickr/David Holt

The Great Pyramid of Giza - Flickr/David Holt

CAIRO - 16 October 2019: Police arrested a foreigner who attempted to climb the Great Pyramid of Giza at 4 pm on Wednesday, state's Al-Ahram cited the Ministry of Antiquities as saying in a statement.

The ministry has not revealed details about the nationality or the identity of the tourist, but it is expected for authorities to release him as climbing the pyramids in Egypt is prohibited, yet not illegal.

Many tourists over the past years climbed the pyramids, took photographs, and published them on Facebook or other social media platforms, and left the site without being seen by security forces.

However, the act became sensitive since a Danish photographer and a Danish girl accompanying him, in November, managed to climb the Great Pyramid, where they photographed themselves naked, stirring the wrath of many Egyptians who considered the act offensive.

In an interview with Copenhagen-based Ekstra Bladet, Andreas Hvid, the photographer, said he has always dreamt of climbing the Great Pyramid and taking naked photos over its top. He added that he is now very upset as some people are mad at him.

Hvid said he attempted to climb the pyramid with a Norwegian friend twice. In the first time, he asked the guards to allow them to climb the Pyramid, but they were not allowed, he said, adding that in the second time they were arrested while actually attempting to climb the Pyramid, and were then released following interrogation.

Danish Photographer Andreas Hvid with his girl friend allegedly atop of Giza Pyramid - screenshot of video

In the third time, Hvid seemingly managed to reach the top. He said he and another Danish friend took a different route away from the guards, and waited until tourists left the Pyramid. They climbed and could reach the top in 25 minutes only, he said.

Hvid said he did not have sex on top of the Pyramid, denying reports at the time, and confirmed that they have taken one photo while they were naked.

Later, in May, the police arrested a young man who climbed the Great Pyramid and allegedly resisted some police personnel who attempted to prevent him.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said in an interview with al-Hayah al-Youm that the young man accessed the area surrounding the Pyramids like other visitors in the early morning.

However, he suddenly tried to climb the Great Pyramid and threw small rocks at the police personnel, who subsequently decided to let him go, fearing for his life and the lives of the policemen until he reached the top of the Pyramid, according to Waziri.

The young man also removed part of the wooden mast atop of the Pyramid, which is placed to inform visitors about the original height of the pyramid which was 146 meters, before it decreased 1,000 years ago to reach 137 meters, Waziri said.



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