Police officer detained for attacking lawyer in Mahala


Sat, 05 Oct 2019 - 12:49 GMT

Egyptian police - Reuters

Egyptian police - Reuters

CAIRO - 5 October 2019: As per a decree from Attorney General Hamad Al-Sawi on Thursday, a police officer was detained for four days pending investigations for assaulting a lawyer outside a police station in Egypt’s Delta.

According to the initial investigations, the lawyer, Ahmed Elwan, was waiting for his family in his car near a checkpoint in al-Hanafi street in Al-Mahala, a city famous for textile and spinning manufacturing. When the police officer asked him to leave the area, the lawyer refused and alterication aroused between them and then turned into a fist fight.

The situation escalated when the police officer and his aides of policemen launched an onslaught against the lawyer and detained him inside the police car, where they continue beating him until reaching al-Mahala police station.

At the police station, another lawyer saw his colleague and tried to get him out of the police personnel’s fists and filed a complaint against the police officer and his aides.

The police officer has been charged with attacking a lawyer and detaining him without prior warrant of arrest, the statement added.

Immediately, the Ministry of Interior decided to suspend the police officer from his job, the prosecution statement said.

Surveillance cameras inside the police station and in al-Hanafi street have been downloaded for the investigations, while other policemen have been interrogated.



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