No one can praise Hitler for his actions against humanity: Egypt's parliament speaker



Thu, 03 Oct 2019 - 11:51 GMT


Thu, 03 Oct 2019 - 11:51 GMT

FILE- Parliament Speaker Ali abdel-Aal at the House of Representatives - press photo

FILE- Parliament Speaker Ali abdel-Aal at the House of Representatives - press photo

CAIRO – 3 October 2019: "Everybody is aware of what Adolf Hitler has done to humanity; hence no one with the minimum level of knowledge can praise him for his actions," Egyptian Parliament Speaker Ali Abdel Aal said.

This came during in a Wednesday Parliament session to clarify Abdel Aal's Tuesday statements on the late Nazi leader Hitler, which raised a lot of controversy.

Abdel Aal stated in his speech that his remarks were meant to praise the German development and civilization, as Germans managed to achieve huge success, especially in infrastructure, which can be described as "unique". As for Hitler, "he has committed a lot of crimes which can never be praise."

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, Abdel Aal talked about the success that Germany managed to achieve in the past years; some social media users claimed that Egypt's speaker was praising the Nazi leader, which was totally denied by Abdel Aal, who affirmed that this was not included in his statements. "This is illogical," Abdel Aal stated.

"No country can develop without a strong infrastructure, and this is the only thing I was referring to in my statements," Abdel Aal stressed Wednesday, adding that Aswan, which lacks a good infrastructure system, is a clear example of what he was pointing at.

"Aswan, which remained for years without good infrastructure, was relatively isolated from the rest of the world, and even the Egyptian capital itself, would not be developed without working on its infrastructure," Abdel Aal explained, stressing that it is a very basic step to develop any country.

The speaker added that Egypt is currently working on establishing a lot of new roads, tunnels and gas stations, which is considered a step on the right way to development.

"None of these rumors will silence us. No one will stop us, and no one will force us to keep quiet," Abdel Aal concluded.

The fifth round of the Egyptian Parliament kicked off on Tuesday, Oct. 1. This round will be the last one before another election takes place in 2020. This round will tackle several political bills on women's rights, criminalizing customary marriage (Urfi marriage) and the new Senate Law.



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