Azhar Univ. professor sent to trial for forcing students to strip


Sat, 28 Sep 2019 - 12:16 GMT

FILE: Al- Azhar university

FILE: Al- Azhar university

CAIRO - 28 September 2019: Azhar University professor was referred to criminal court over accusations of indecent acts and physical abuse of three students, when forced them to strip in class earlier this year.

In April, Al-Azhar University sacked the philosophy professor of Faculty of Education for Boys, and stressed that the incident was an individual act and the Al Azhar University had nothing to do with it as it also violated all the norms and ethics of this respectful institution.

Shameful acts of the assistant professor were circulated in a video on social media, showing him ordering two of his students to take off their pants in class, in front of a fully packed class hall. This resulted in the students stripping and the rest of class cheering.

Prosecution investigations showed that the professor has threatened to fail three students if they did no undress their trousers, which had a negative impact on them after they had no choice but obey his orders and appear half naked in front of their fellow students. He further physically abused one of the three students.



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