NGO Forum at National Council for Women supports state against ‘terrorists’


Thu, 26 Sep 2019 - 03:33 GMT

Women empowerment- CC via pixabay/GDJ

Women empowerment- CC via pixabay/GDJ

CAIRO – 26 September 2019: The NGO Forum at the National Council for Women (NCW announced their support to the state against “saboteurs,” ahead of Friday protests, calling on the people to maintain unity and cohesion.

Statement of NGO Forum at the National Council for Women

We, the civil associations and institutions that have signed this statement, express our full support to our beloved homeland Egypt against all those who seek to destroy its existence and stability. We affirm our awareness of the dangers that are being woven against the homeland, and seek to divide its sons and daughters, and break up the homeland and deliver it to terrorist entities inciting and misleading to tamper with it and its capabilities. Entities that we have suffered the most because of them, and discovered that they do not believe in a homeland or citizenship and tried to destroy the homeland and fragment it.

Egypt will continue to stand firm and will continue unswervingly in its march, which is based on the arms of its sons and daughters, and its youth to continue to achieve the rise and growth of the homeland, and we call on the people of the country to maintain unity and cohesion among us to continue to build the march of the homeland.

We call on the audio-visual and print media and other social media in Egypt to support the transparent access of the facts to the Egyptian citizen and raise their awareness to participate effectively in building the country. We affirm that we must now think about more work and effort together and share it with all for the sake of uplifting our country and achieving the best for its future and the future of its children and future generations. We affirm that Egypt, the precious home that we protect with our souls is capable of confrontation and construction.

Long live Egypt.

1- Eve Future Society
2- The Foundation of Egyptian Leaders: Lead
3- Arab Women 's Association
4- Specific Union Against Practices Harmful to Women and Children
5- Women's Medical Association
6- Women 's Association for Development
7- Women Forum for Awareness and Human Rights
8- Association appeal for hearing-impaired children and children with multiple disabilities
9- Coptic Evangelical Organization For Social Services
10- Future Lights Development Est
11- Sons of Light Association for the care of blind girls
12- Helwan Foundation for Community Development (Bashayer)
13- Distinguished Egyptian Foundation for Development and Training
14- Foundation of Communication for Development Means
15- Country Association for Development Day Egypt Foundation for Health and Development
16- Egyptian Foundation for Family Development
17- Model Center for the Rehabilitation of the Blind Sisters of the Good Shepherd
18- Egyptian Center for Women 's Rights
19- Egyptians Without Borders Foundation
20- The Egyptian Education Coalition
21- Art Society for Development
22- Recovery and Life Foundation
23- Egypt Foundation for Health and Sustainable Development



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