Egypt calls on foreign reporters to abide by professionalism codes


Sun, 22 Sep 2019 - 03:30 GMT

SIS logo - Official page

SIS logo - Official page

CAIRO – 22 September 2019: Egypt’s State Information Service (SIS) called on foreign media outlets and correspondents to bear scrutiny when they cover the Egyptian affairs, according to SIS statement on Sunday.

The SIS called on the foreign media to abide by the professional codes and report only what they witness themselves, checking facts from their authentic and reliable sources, the statement said, calling for neutrality and showcasing all different points of view in their analyses, conclusions, interpretations or expectations.

The SIS said that it was following up the international media and its foreign accredited correspondents’ coverage on Egypt over the past 24 hours and it, consequently, reminds the foreign reporters to abide by professionalism standards in accordance with the journalism code.

The foreign reports have to abide by the terms that reflect the reality in Egypt, the statement said.

The SIS called on foreign correspondents not to rely on social media platforms as sources of news and reports, affirming the state’s cooperation with all foreign correspondents and international media outlets in Egypt.



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