Al-Jazeera's incitement against Egypt 'goes in vain': FM



Sun, 22 Sep 2019 - 03:15 GMT


Sun, 22 Sep 2019 - 03:15 GMT

FILE – Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry – Reuters

FILE – Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry – Reuters

CAIRO – 22 September 2019: Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri condemned the incitement of Turkey-linked media and Al-Jazeera TV channel against the Egyptian state by calling on citizens to participate in demonstrations promoting chaos.

In an interview with TV presenter Amr Adib, Shoukri described the calls of incitement as unacceptable, saying that they would go down the drain and would not receive any kind of response inside the country.

Shoukri considered that this incitement reflects the hatred for all the achievements of Egypt during the past five years.

He said that he responded to the questions of the local media concerning Al-Jazeera's claims about the existence of demonstrations in Egypt, adding that he called on local media crews in Egypt to monitor all squares and ensure the validity of the allegations of the Qatari channel and the channels linked to the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

"Yesterday, Al-Jazeera acted unprofessionally, in a way that causes great confusion, and expresses hatred for all what has been achieved," Shoukri stated.

Egypt has designated the Muslim Brotherhood group as terrorist since late in 2013, after former President Mohamed Morsi, who also served as head of the "terrorist" group, was ousted. Morsi died in June this year after he collapsed in court during his trial.

A voice message, believed to be recorded by fugitive Hani Sabry, allegedly a Muslim Brotherhood "terrorist" group member, has asked others who he called "youth" to send him links of Facebook accounts, as part of a systematic campaign attempting to oust the president.

In the following video, TV presenter Amr Adib has displayed the recording, along with a video showing some persons positively responding to his demand to launch a cyber-attack against the leadership.

Moreover, MBC Masr satellite channel broadcast on Friday a footage, which showed one of the "Muslim Brotherhood" leaders calling on supporters to gather near their houses and then fill the cities' squares.



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