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How Egyptian law regulates work of foreigners

Mon, Sep. 16, 2019
CAIRO - 16 September 2019: Although Egypt has a huge population and a large labor market, employers in various sectors do not abstain from hiring foreigners as long as the language barrier does not exist.

Law no. 12/2003 regulates the work of foreigners in Egypt’s public, private and civil sectors. Article 28 stipulates that foreigners must first obtain a work visa and a permit from the respective ministries supervising the sectors they belong to before taking on the job.

The minister sets the eligibility conditions to apply for permits and the conditions of renewal, the procedures that should be followed, the cases in which the license is cancelled, and the application fees that must not be less than LE 1,000.

The minister also sets the rules of permit exemption. However, the employers must inform the ministry within seven days after hiring the foreign employee, and after they quit. The minister designates the professions that cannot be assumed by foreigners, and their maximum percentage in each profession. The law stipulates that foreign employees must be treated equally as citizens.
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