Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood attempts to save terrorist Shaath


Fri, 23 Aug 2019 - 08:03 GMT

File - Ramy Shaath.

File - Ramy Shaath.

CAIRO - 23 August 2019: The social platforms affiliated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood launched a campaign of solidarity with the son of the prominent Palestinian official Nabil Shaath, Ramy Shaath, who was arrested by the Egyptian authorities in July for being involved in the terrorist cell known as “Amal cell” or “hope cell”, that was exposed by Egypt’s security apparatuses in June and its members were detained following being charged with terrorist actions in cooperation with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

The international branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has been searching for a way to put the Egyptian government under pressure to release, Shaath, who is detained pending investigation.The figures defending Shaath included, Ghana Naguib, the wife of the fugitive ex-actor Hisham Abdullah, and the Egyptian lawyer Bahey Hasan.

Ramy Shaath was detained before by Egyptian authorities back in 2012 as he was accused of inciting propaganda to close Suez Canal, and calling for an illegal civil disobedience and a strike. Back then, the case included figures such as civil engineer, Mamdouh Hamza and activist Julia Milad. During the investigation, Shaath confessed that he knew Hamza, unlink previous claims made by him that he hadn’t known the civil engineer.

Ramy was also accused of participating in operations against Egyptian security bodies in Sinai through providing finance and logistic support for the terrorists active against the Egyptian army troops in Sinai peninsula, he was also charged with inciting chaos after the dispersal of Rabaa and El Nahda unlawful sit-ins back in 2013.

Social media platforms and media channels linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood have been busy whitewashing Shaath’s reputation, and distancing him from the terrorist group. Shaath has tried to acquire the Egyptian citizenship back more than once but he was turned down by the Egyptian authorities for security reasons.



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