EMPC launches media services center for foreign channels

Sun, Aug. 4, 2019
CAIRO - 4 August 2019: The Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) inaugurated on Sunday a new media services center for Arab and international TV channels in Cairo’s downtown.

The center consists of five floors equipped with HD and SD devices, stable and mobile video-editing units, cameras, and video streaming solutions. The center also offers direct connections to satellites.

The new center was inaugurated by EMPC Chairman Osama Heikal, and Chairman of the Journalists Syndicate and the State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan.

Heikal stressed that the live view devices must be used in coordination with the Supreme Council for Media Regulation and the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to ensure no breaches to law. Rashwan elaborated that the use of live view devices is not banned in Egypt but its entry must be regulated by the entities in charge.

Rashwan added that no foreign media content has been banned before urging that professional rules must be maintained while covering news in Egypt. He stated that measures are being taken to facilitate the use of the live view technology.

Heikal highlighted that EMPC is a free zone, and that news coverage takes place in the city within the Egyptian legal framework. He added that the goal of the new media centers is facilitating media work for foreign reporters in Egypt while abiding by law. Heikal underlined his eagerness to resolve any problems that may face the work of foreign media channels in Egypt.
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