2019-2023 solid waste recycling executive plan revealed


Tue, 30 Jul 2019 - 01:28 GMT

Solid waste - Pixabay

Solid waste - Pixabay

CAIRO - 30 July 2019: Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly held a meeting to follow up on the 2019-2023 executive plan for solid waste recycling that consists of three main programs, and that is agreed upon by ministries and relevant institutions.

The first program targets attracting investments to develop the infrastructure. Sixty-two unlicensed landfills will be eliminated, while 94 trash sorting facilities (including 65 mobile ones) will be built, 52 safe waste pits will be dug, and 63 recycling lines will be established within the framework of this program.

The plan for the first year 2019-2020 is to build eight trash sorting facilities in five governorates which are Cairo, Daqahliyah, Sharqeya, Fayoum, and Luxor. That is in addition to introducing 15 mobile trash sorting facilities in seven governorates, which are Qalyoubeyah, Damietta, Cairo, Ismailiyah, Beheira, Matrouh, and Beni Suef.

Furthermore, 34 safe waste pits are planned to be dug in 20 governorates along with the elimination of 35 unlicensed landfills in six governorates in the first year. In the same context, a technical study is being conducted to efficiently revamp Al Salam, Al Qatameya, Al Wafaa wa Al Amal, and Al Toub Al Ramly landfills.

The second program aims at funding the contracts of garbage collection and transportation, street cleaning services, and management of safe landfills. The third program is about institutional support embodied in institutional development of the waste recycling system across the country, human capacity-building, awareness campaigns, and support for the informal sector and SMEs in the recycling sector. The financial needs for all three programs were presented in the meeting.

The prime minister said he looks forward to launching the project as soon as possible after ensuring all factors needed to start are available. Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Shaarawy and Minister of Environment Yasmin Fouad presented the status of negotiations with cleaning companies that can be potential contractors in Cairo governorate.

Both ministers also displayed the draft unified bill for waste management submitted to the cabinet, and the campaign for raising the awareness of citizens on solid waste recycling. The campaign includes a “Knock the Door” initiative in collaboration with the National Council for Women (NCW). The initiative is dubbed “You are the Beginning” and targets to raise the awareness of women on recycling cooking oil by putting it in a sealable jar instead of pouring it into sinks or drains.



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