Airbus A318 od TAROM-Romanian Airlines at Frankfurt-FRA,Germany, 25/06/14- CC via Flickr/ Alec Wilson Airbus A318 od TAROM-Romanian Airlines at Frankfurt-FRA,Germany, 25/06/14- CC via Flickr/ Alec Wilson

Video: Egyptian passenger violently treated by Bukharest airport police

Fri, Jul. 19, 2019
CAIRO 19 July 2019: A video has gone viral on social media platforms showing an Egyptian national was treated violently and harshly by Romanian security guards on board of a flight coming from Bucharest to Cairo

After a quarrel broke out between the Egyptian passenger and the flight crew, security forces from Bucharest Airport interfered and handcuffed the passenger, forcing him violently and harshly to get off the airplane, according to the video that stirred up Egyptians’ anger on social media.

The flight passengers expressed their rejection and discontent of the inhuman treatment against the Egyptian national, which caused an old lady got tired was in need for an emergency health aid. Children on board reacted to the treatment with hysterias screams, while another passenger was asking all travelers to get off the plane bound for Cairo.

The Egyptian Ministry of Migration contacted with Egyptian ambassador to Romania Salah Abdel Maqsoud, who clarified that the quarrel ensued between the Egyptian national’s wife – A Moroccan lady, and a member of plane crew when the lady refused to remove her handbag or change her seat in the emergency row. However, Egyptian journalist and politician Youssef Abdelkader, who posed the video and contacted with the passenger, said that the security forces forced the family to leave the plane although the family changed their seats.

The Egyptian passenger and his family were on board of Romanian airline flight coming from Paris to Cairo and had a transit in Bucharest, said the ambassador. Due to the quarrel, the flight crew forced the passenger, his wife and son to get off the plane, cancelling their visas, the ambassador added, continuing that the passenger and his family took Turkish airlines from Bucharest to Sharm el Sheikh Airport, then to Cairo.

Egyptian and Moroccan authorities are following with the Romanian authorities the investigations that were launched into the incident, Said ambassador Abdel Maqsoud.

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