Why anger against Pepsi 'apology' ad went viral among Egyptians



Thu, 11 Jul 2019 - 11:51 GMT


Thu, 11 Jul 2019 - 11:51 GMT

In Pepsi’s ad, six players were dismally apologizing in a locker room, saying instead of blaming other factors, they apologize - Photo compiled by Egypt Today

In Pepsi’s ad, six players were dismally apologizing in a locker room, saying instead of blaming other factors, they apologize - Photo compiled by Egypt Today

CAIRO – 11 July 2019: Social media users and soccer fans have avered that Pepsi and the beleaguered Egyptian national football team insisted on adding insult to injury and provoking millions of Egyptians after a commercial that included an “apologize” for getting disqualified from the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations was leaked.

In Pepsi’s bizarre ad, as seen by the biggest majority of Egyptians, six players were dismally apologizing in a locker room, saying that instead of blaming other factors, they apologize.

The leaked advertisement, highly though to be pre-filmed, infuriated Egyptians who immediately launched a boycott campaign against Pepsi for “disrespecting and disregarding the feelings of millions of Egyptians.”

A number of Egyptian players, including Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Tariq Hamed and Ahmed Mohammedi, appeared in the commercial announcement to "apologize" after the disappointing exit of the African Nations hosted by Egypt until 19 July.

Since PepsiCo was first introduced in the late 1890s as a global Food and Beverage company, it made sure to take advantage of every single event to make commercials with the sole purpose of generating revenues.

Egyptian nationals were left upset after seeing the advertisement, saying that both the defeat in the Africa Cup and the advertisement require an apology, since a hashtag was launched on social media platforms about a certain apology #NotAccepted.

Twitter user @dodinhooo said, “This is new way to apologize to millions of disappointed fans!? So did they get paid for that!!!”

While @SaharSelim13 expressed her disappointment by tweeting, “Shame on you.”

“Boycott @pepsimasr so they know we are not that naïve, boycott them until they apologize for such disgraceful ad, boycott them so they know the meaning of a team that disappointed its fans by losing and then making an advertisement that costs millions to say we are sorry,” Twitter user @Hossamzamalkaw3 stressed. “You wasted any sympathy and you do not deserve to wear this country’s jersey, boycott Pepsi.”

Yalla Kora newspaper writer and former editor in chief of EParena further tweeted, “This is not an apology, this is a paid Pepsi advertisement and players got already paid for, not to mention it was shot before the championship in anticipation of this moment of failure.
“I hope you got paid well, despite that your acting was worse than the worst background actor in Egypt.”

Pepsico Egypt, however, released a statement on Instagram to clarify that the ad was an "unofficial version" and that they are currently investigating the matter.

This statement only complicated the matter and affirmed that the advertisement was indeed pre-filmed before the “actual” loss in the Africa Cup.

Egyptian renowned actor Nabil El Halfawy has also said it was understandable that advertisements are created to inspire fans, but an apology should be much more personal.

“It should come from the person themselves, it can’t involve acting and directing … It’s as if it’s primary school and the teacher taught them these few words to memorise,” he added.

“Pepsi’s advertisement is considered an utter scandal, recording a commercial advertisement that assumes losing and getting disqualified from the championship is a new level of unjustified complacency and lack of responsibility,” @FCBinsider said.

Another user who mocked the ad, namely @mohammedsamirr said, “This ad lacked a scene including the players wiping their tears with money.”

Former Egypt defender Wael Gomaa, who was key player of a hugely successful side that won the Nations Cup three straight times in 2006, 2008 and 2010 also tweeted via his account @WaelGomaa, “It is deemed utter failure when you prepare for failure before you start working, this is about the players who do not deserve to wear our beloved country’s jersey.”



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