Medical check-ups carried out for 207,806 camels, 1,314 horses


Mon, 01 Jul 2019 - 03:11 GMT

Camels - CC via Pixabay/dimitrivetsikas

Camels - CC via Pixabay/dimitrivetsikas

CAIRO - 1 July 2019: The annual report issued by the Animal Health Research Institute reveals that 207,806 camels imported through southern urban ports were subject to medical check-ups that were also carried out for 1,314 exported horses in FY2018/2019.

The report, acquired by Egypt Today indicates that 19,328 samples extracted from animal sources of food were tested to ensure its safety for human consumption. The number of samples tested for reproductive diseases in cattle is 45,000. That is in addition to providing treatment for 385 calves that suffered from pneumonia and gastroenteritis.

For the institute to better fulfill its duties, it established a center to test food validity in the Red Sea governorate. The center mainly serves investors who use the Red Sea ports. Moreover, the laboratories in Asyut’s Arab Al Awamer, Shalatin, El-Dakhla Oasis, the New Valley and Marsa Matrouh were upgraded.



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