Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment describes MB as ‘Khawarij’


Sun, 30 Jun 2019 - 03:54 GMT

FILE- Egyptians protest against the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013- Reuters

FILE- Egyptians protest against the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013- Reuters

CAIRO – 30 June 2019: Under the title “Contemporary Khawarij in Demise, Home survives,” Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment has released a video-graphic on the sixth anniversary of June 30 Revolution, resembling the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to the first group of political dissenters announced their disobedience and killed their leader in the Islamic history.

At the beginning of the Islamic history and after the murder of the third Caliph of the Islamic Empire Omar Bin Khattab in 657 A.C, the first political dispute in Islam had occurred between Ali Bin Abi Taleb – Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s son-in-law- and Muawiyah I – the first caliph of the Umayyad Caliphate. When Ali accepted a political arbitration following a battle between the supporters of each side, a group of Ali’s supporters announced their dissent against the arbitration, which came at the end in favor of Muawiyah I after a deception plotted by his Umpire Amr Bin Aas. Later, a member of Khawarij killed Ali in Iraq.

The ministry’s video shows the names of banned books that disseminate the MB ideology, and animated graphics of the group's militia while bombing the state’s vital institutions like a metro station.

Egypt witnesses on Sunday the sixth anniversary of June 30 revolution, or the epic civil uprising against extremism represented in the then-ruling outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group and their tactics to solely rule the state.

The popular uprising prevented numerous dark scenarios that could affect Egypt and the region, the least of them was the outlawed group’s call to declare Jihad in Syria without any understanding for the consequences of such a dangerous call.



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