British girl sentenced to 8 mnth in prison for attacking Mariam Moustafa



Fri, 14 Jun 2019 - 03:47 GMT


Fri, 14 Jun 2019 - 03:47 GMT

FILE- 18-year-old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa

FILE- 18-year-old Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa

CAIRO – 14 June 2019: Mariah Fraser, 20yrs British girl, was sentenced to eight months in prison on Friday over attacking Egyptian student Mariam Moustafa. Fraser is one of six girls who face charges of assaulting Moustafa.

The charges, however were not related with murder or manslaughter “because there was no proven link to the attack”, according to Britain local media websites.

Other three girls were announced to be sentenced later this month, while two girls were spared custody.

“It is important that everyone with an interest in this sad case should understand that the three defendants are to be dealt with for the offence of affray.

“They were not charged with murder or manslaughter. They are to be sentenced on the basis that their actions, individually and collectively, did not cause the death of Mariam Moustafa.

“The conclusion was that it could not be proved that there was a causative link between the actions of the defendants and the stroke.” Judge Gregory Dickinson QC said according to the independent website.

The six teenagers were summoned last August to appear before the Nottingham Magistrates’ Court over charges of fighting with Egyptian Mariam Moustafa, 18, who died in the hospital following the incident.

In late February, the 18-year-old engineering student was tragically attacked and put into coma by number of British women of African descent, according to media reports. On March 14, Mariam lost her life.

“Four months before the accident, two of the same 10 women assaulted my daughter in the street for no specific reason. We went to the police station and issued an official complaint; however, nothing happened,” Mariam's mother said in a video.

She added that when the 10 women saw Mariam in the street walking alone, they attacked her once again and dragged her about 20 meters.

“She managed to get up and run towards one of the buses, but they went after her and started to beat her again. Just one man tried to defend her, but no one else tried to interfere,” the mother said.

In a statement issued on March 2, Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid said they are following all of the case’s updates.

Mariam was born in Italy, and according to Italian local media, Italy's prosecution addressed its counterpart in the U.K. to join the investigation's proceedings. The Italian Foreign Ministry described the crime as “brutal”, adding that the Italian ambassador to the United Kingdom “is personally following the case in cooperation with his Egyptian counterpart.”



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