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Egypt bans Salah Diab and others from travelling

Tue, Jun. 11, 2019
CAIRO - 11 June 2019: Egyptian authorities banned businessmen Salah Diab, owner of Al Masry al-youm newspaper, Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar, former director of Petroleum pipelines company from traveling over a land-squatting investigation.

The authorities have also banned businessmen, Mahmoud Yehia, and Abdel Salam Mustafa, former head of HSBC, from traveling as per the same investigation. The business tycoon face accusations of state lands –squatting, shifting the land from agricultural activities, selling the lands for high prices after turning them into resorts or hotels.

The state has launched a firm crackdown on land-squatters for the financial losses they cause and the diminishing of Egypt’s agricultural wealth.
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