6 criminals killed in fire exchange with police in Sharqia


Wed, 05 Jun 2019 - 11:09 GMT

Arms possessed by criminals in Sharqia and confiscated by police. June 5, 2019. Press Photo

Arms possessed by criminals in Sharqia and confiscated by police. June 5, 2019. Press Photo

CAIRO - 5 June 2019: Six criminal elements were killed in a fire exchange with police forces on Wednesday. Those were implicated in killing an officer in Sharkia governorate while he was chasing them after they had committed car robbery.

The fugitives are Mahmoud M. known as Mahmoud Zongy, convicted of murder, robbery, drug trade, arm acquisition, and physical threat in 14 lawsuits; Mohamed M. known as Mohamed Zongy, convicted of drug trade, arm acquisition, physical threat and hitting in four lawsuits; Islam A. known as Islam Alam, charged with drug trade, arm acquisition, hitting and loan default in five lawsuits, and convicted in a drug trade lawsuit; Mahmoud E. known as Mahmoud al-Aslawgy; Ramadan A known as Ramadan Abou Eissa, convicted of murder and drug trade in two lawsuits.

The criminals were detected hiding in an abandoned poultry farm. After the issuance of a Public Prosecution permit, a force having members of the General Security Sector, the Central Security Sector, and the Sharkia Security Directorate was formed to raid the hideout.

Once the force arrived at the farm, the criminal elements opened fire. The crossfire lasted for three hours resulting in the death of the first, second, fourth, and fifth defendants in addition to two of their assistants. Those are Essam M., and an unknown person. The third defendant escaped.

The gangsters possessed six bombs of different types, seven firearms, 12 magazines, a large quantity of bullets, eight mobile phones, and LE40,000.

First Lieutenant Omar Yasser Abdel Azim, 27, was shot in the neck on Sunday when the criminals fired at the patrol that was going after them.

Earlier today, a number of terrorist elements attacked a security checkpoint in southern Arish city, North Sinai, said a statement by the Ministry of Interior.

A shootout between the elements and security forces at the checkpoint resulted in five terrorists killed.

The terrorist attack left one police officer, a non commissioned officer and six conscripts dead.

One of the terrorists was wearing an explosive belt armed with a detonator, where he is seen with his thumb on a button of a remote believed would bomb the checkpoint. He was killed by the police forces before he set it off.

Police forces launched a hunt for at large terrorist elements.



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