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Academic student wets herself after refusal to use toilet

Tue, Jun. 4, 2019
CAIRO - 4 June 2019: An academic professor was suspended for four months and was interrogated for preventing a student to go to the bathroom, causing her to wet herself in front of her colleagues, the Ministry of Higher Education stated on Sunday.

During a final examination in the Department of Greek-Latin Studies in the Faculty of Arts at Masnoura University, a third grade student, called M. A., was deprived by the head of the examination committee from using the toilet, leading her to wet herself.

Although the student had asked the professor to go to the bathroom several times as she was suffering nausea, he rejected her request several times. “I asked him to go to the bathroom immediately, but he totally refused and told me ‘it is not allowed to go to the bathroom in this time as if you went there, most people would do the same thing’ and he left,” the student told Egypt Today.

An hour later, she asked to use the toilet but he insisted and refused although she asked him to inspect her before going to the toilet, she continued, adding “Thirty minutes later I urinated and defecated […] I was insulted and humiliated.”
Additional reporting by Sara el-Baz

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