Egyptian hero asks to meet Pope Francis


Fri, 31 May 2019 - 02:42 GMT

Ramy Shehata-Press Photo

Ramy Shehata-Press Photo

CAIRO – 31 May 2019: Egyptian-Italian student Ramy Shehata, who received Italian citizenship for saving the lives of 51 Italian students kidnapped in Italy, asked to meet Pope Francis after his inability to see him during Shehata School’s trip to the Vatican.

According to the Italian newspaper II Gazzettino, the 14-year-old hero did not find a seat in his school trip to Vatican so he was unable to see the Pope.

Shehata, who born in Italy to Egyptian parents, did not attend his school’s visit to the Vatican because his father responded lately to trip organizer’s phone. Thus, he could not catch the meeting with the Pope as his colleagues did.

“I sent a voice note to the Pope to express my deep-desire to meet him. I could not attend because all seats were occupied. I am really sorry and I eagerly want to see him,” Shehata said to II Gazzettino.

Shehata expressed his happiness for his colleagues who succeeded to meet the Pope because they all are his friends but he still wants to embrace him.

Shehata saved the lives of his colleagues from the Senegalese driver that threatened to shoot the students and set the bus on fire. When the driver took all the students’ cell phones by force, Ramy denied he had a phone and secretly contacted his father asking him to call the police. The police forces hurried to the scene and arrested the driver at once.



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