Terrorist Maaty handed to Egypt specialized in planting explosives: LNA spox



Thu, 30 May 2019 - 02:19 GMT


Thu, 30 May 2019 - 02:19 GMT

Militant Bahaa Aboul Maaty is being transferred to Egypt in custody of GIS - press photo

Militant Bahaa Aboul Maaty is being transferred to Egypt in custody of GIS - press photo

CAIRO - 30 May 2019: Spokesman for Libyan National Army said that terrorists Bahaa Aboul Maaty who was handed to Egypt on Tuesday night is a very dangerous terrorist who was specialized in setting traps and planting explosives targeting both civilians and military personnel.

Along with Maaty, Egypt was also handed expelled officer Hisham Ashmawy, one of the country's most wanted terrorists. LNA's spokesman Ahmed Mismari said in a press conference on Wednesday that Ashmawy was specialized in training and setting strategic plans.

The two terrorists were handed to Egypt's General Intelligence Service 9 months after they were arrested, Mismari said, affirming that they were handed after "concluding investigations and after meeting all legal and administrative conditions and procedures for this step."

"All what we found through investigations indicate with conclusive evidence that terrorists in Libya are tied to terrorists in Egypt and in other countries. This is a very big danger that targets humanity and threatens regional security and stability," he added.

These terrorists face charges of committing significant terrorism crimes in Egypt and other countries, Mismari said, adding that they went to Syria and Iraq, and under the guidance of foreign intelligence to cause harm of the targeted region

The terrorists was handed to Egypt under the Judicial Cooperation Agreement on Civil and Penal Articles between both countries signed in 1992.

“Both parties shall extradite to each other individuals facing charges by entitled entities and convicts sentenced by the judicial authorities of the party requesting the extradition in accordance with the rules and conditions in this section,” according to the law.

Ashmawy, a former commando, is implicated in the assassination attempt that targeted former Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim in 2013, opening fire on a Border Guard ambush in Farafra killing 28 officers and soldiers in 2014, the assassination of late Public Prosecutor Hesham Barakat in 2015, and, the attack on a security patrol in Wahat area western Cairo killing 16 in 2017 and abducting one officer who was later freed by a special force operation to be the only survivor.

In December 2017, Western Cairo Military Criminal Court sentenced Ashmawy and 13 others to death in the Farafra lawsuit that included 155 defendants. Eighty-nine of those were prosecuted in absentia including Ashmawy. In October 2018, the NLA announced the arrest of Ashmawy in Libya.

Additional reporting by Noha Al Tawil



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