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Mon, 27 May 2019 - 12:11 GMT


Mon, 27 May 2019 - 12:11 GMT

File-Watch It

File-Watch It

CAIRO – 27 May 2019: The owners of the Egyptian digital Platform “Watch It” issued a statement on Sunday to address the latest rumors about the new visual application and its recent activities in the media market.

“Watch It” the first and largest digital platform owned by the Egyptian state announces that in the framework of its efforts to protect the copyrights of creators, producers, the Egyptian artistic heritage and the future of the drama and film industry, the platform has addressed the task of reviving and presenting the creative content of Egypt according to the latest methods, and it will stop the series of piracy that these contents had endured for many years through applications, programs, foreign channels and through social media, which wasted the copy rights and turned into a platform for piracy threatening creativity and threatening production companies in various fields.

“Watch It” has noticed during the past few days a lot of inaccuracies, false statements, intentional targeting and misunderstanding and attempts to exaggerate rumors about the objectives of the company, which is originally owned by the Egyptian state and its goal is to protect the rights of Egyptian television and Egyptian producers and creators, for these reason the company announces the following:

Firstly: “Watch It” as the Egyptian state-owned company responsible for protecting, preserving and displaying the artistic content in the Egyptian TV archive will not allow further waste, burglary or piracy on any of the art materials or creative content owned by the Egyptian TV.

Secondly, the company announces that it will not stop at the protection and presentation of creative content in Maspero. It will also have great surprises in the future production processes, in which the company will compete with the giants of the digital platforms to present the Egyptian drama and cinematic content in the world.

Thirdly: The company's general vision which is consistent with the global trends to protect the creative industry confirms that the track of “Watch It” as a state-owned company is the safe scientific way to protect the rights of creators and producers.

Fourthly, “Watch It” welcomes the cooperation with producers of drama and cinema and other creators to achieve fair returns, serve the industry of drama and cinema, and provides appropriate production conditions to enrich the art industry in Egypt.

Fifthly, “Watch It” announces that the future plans for the display platform include a large and varied production that preserves Egypt's fixed position and its predecessor in the film industry, television and artistic production in general, thus protecting the Egyptian soft power now and in the future.



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