Amnesty International, HRW's reports mostly politicized: FDHR


Tue, 21 May 2019 - 11:16 GMT

FILE – Saeed Abdel Hafez, head of Egypt-based Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog

FILE – Saeed Abdel Hafez, head of Egypt-based Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog

CAIRO – 21 May 2019: Egypt-based Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog said that the reports issued by the Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are mostly politicized and biased, adding that Human Rights Watch's reports particularly lack professionalism and reference to international conventions.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) relies on some extremist activists in Egypt who provide false information about the human rights situation, the forum's head Saeed Abdel Hafez said. He described slamming these reports as "very easy," as "we only need [to adopt] systematic and human rights responses, away from the language of attacks and insult."

Egypt slammed many reports for the HRW attacking Egypt for alleged violations of human rights since the ousting of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Egypt’s public prosecution issued a statement in January over Human Rights Watch report that alleges Egypt witnesses human rights violations, saying that the report is irrelevant to the truth.

The prosecution urged the organization to be accurate when publishing data on human rights in Egypt. The investigations, carried out by Cairo appeal prosecution, revealed that the report was based on information published on some internet websites without making sure of its veracity, according to official statements.

Earlier, public prosecutor Nabil Sadek assigned Cairo appeal prosecution to carry out an expanded judicial investigation on the HRW report published in September 2017.

The organization claimed that citizens, involved in terrorist cases, were exposed to torture by the members of the prosecution during investigations in order to force them confess crimes in these cases.

The Forum for Development and Human Rights Dialog on Tuesday also sent a report on human rights violations in Qatar to the International Council for Human Rights to discuss Qatar's human rights record in Geneva.

The report mentioned serious violations of human rights in Qatar, including the remarks of the rapporteur concerned with the independence of the judiciary and lawyers in the United Nations. As a result, 33 judges resigned because of what they described as continuous interference in their work.



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